Why Your Health and Beauty Routine Needs a Good Foot Cream

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Why Your Health and Beauty Routine Needs a Good Foot Cream

According to a Simmons National Consumer Survey, in 2017, 1.35 million Americans spent at least $500 or more on skincare products during a three-month period. Around 52% of Americans use skin care products as part of their daily routine. This might seem excessive until you think about what skin actually does for the body. Skin is the first barrier against infection and harmful UV rays. It aids the production of vitamin D and also helps us maintain an appropriate body temperature.

Because skin is the first line of defense against so many dangers, it makes sense that people want to take care of their skin. However, while most people remember to moisturize their face and hands, feet are often forgotten. Cooped up in dark, sweaty shoes all day, the skin on your feet is particularly vulnerable to infection. Feet also experience a lot of friction, which can cause dry, rough skin or muscle pain. Poor circulation is also a common affliction for feet. Many of these problems can be solved or even prevented by using a good foot cream. Such creams are an integral part of foot pain relief products for many Americans today.

Skin Infections

Athlete’s foot is a very common fungal infection. It is most likely to occur when someone wears closed shoes with little ventilation. The lack of ventilation causes feet to sweat, creating a dark, moist environment for the fungus to grow in. Symptoms include an itching or burning sensation, usually starting between the toes. Later stages of the condition include dry, flaking, or peeling skin. More severe cases can leave skin very sensitive to even the touch of a sock or shoe.

Although athlete’s foot can be unsightly and uncomfortable, it can be cured by an over-the-counter antifungal foot cream. Besides treating the infection, these foot creams provide inflammation relief so feet are more comfortable until they fully heal. Applying antifungal sprays to frequently worn shoes can also help prevent recurrent infections.

Dry Skin

Dry skin may not sound serious, but the itching it causes can be extremely unpleasant. Skin that is dry also loses elasticity, making it more vulnerable to cuts and scratches that can lead to infection.

Many people choose a thick foot cream for dry skin. Thick creams can be more effective for feet because feet tend to be moisturized less often than hands. Also, feet sweat a good deal, which can cause the skin to dry out quickly. Applying an all natural pain relief cream at the end of the day can not only restore moisture but also soothe sore foot muscles.

Poor Circulation

Because feet are far from the heart, they are more susceptible to poor circulation. This can be a contributing factor to dry skin or conditions like restless leg syndrome, and the discomfort these conditions cause can disrupt sleep and break concentration.

Many people find products like MagniLife relaxing leg cream can calm the painful sensations of poor circulation in legs and feet. Simply rubbing the cream into affected skin can stimulate circulation in that area before the cream even begins to provide topical pain relief. Some people who have made this a regular part of their bedtime routine claim it actually helps them find more restful sleep.

Can MagniLife Foot Pain Relief Products Help Your Foot Pain?

There are many foot pain relief products on the market. If you’re experiencing the fiery sensation of athlete’s foot, the chafing of dry skin, or the endless tingling of poor circulation, you may want to try MagniLife foot pain relief products. Many have already found relief from their pain using all natural topical foot creams. Can MagniLife help you, too?

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