What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain causes and symptoms

What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a chronic condition that affects countless people every year. In fact, experts claim that 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point during their lives, making this a widespread issue for many.

If you’re among the people suffering from lower back pain, here are some of the most common sources of your symptoms.

A strain

Lower back pain is so common because your back is made from a complex system of muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones. Even a small sprain or strain to any of these components might result in a sudden bout of back pain. This can be caused by a sports injury but many people might experience a small tear or strain during seemingly innocuous activities. These can be as simple as picking up something from the floor or doing dishes.

While it isn’t easy to avoid a strain, there are a few ways to prevent it from happening. The best thing you can do is get regular exercise to build up the resilience in your back. You can also avoid performing jerky movements or lifting heavy objects until your back grows stronger.

Skeletal issues

Many people who experience chronic back pain have skeletal irregularities, like scoliosis. Though these bones issues don’t always lead to chronic back pain, they’re known for inducing occasional flare-ups and persistent issues. Some skeletal issues can also affect other parts of your body, like your sciatic nerve, inducing a condition known as sciatica.

Skeletal issues are often a result of genetics and can be adjusted through stretching, exercise, and surgery. You can also take a variety of lower back pain relief products to mitigate the worst of your symptoms.

A slipped disc

A slipped disc occurs when a sudden impact causes the inner disc of your spine’s vertebrae to protrude into the outer ring. This is a painful condition that takes a long time to heal. For some people, surgery is needed to correct this serious issue.


Osteoarthritis is another common source of lower back pain. This is the inflammation of joints, leading to pain and stiffness. When it occurs along your spine or in the joints in or around your back, you can experience persistent pain. As such, many people use a combination of medication and lower back pain relief products to gain inflammation relief.

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