Tips on How to Relieve Inflammation in Your Body

inflammation relief

Tips on How to Relieve Inflammation in Your Body

Inflammation and pain are devastating to any patient. Inflammation can damage your body and cause other medical problems such as swelling and pain aggravation.

Inflammation often results from injuries and infections. Sometimes, immune system failures may also cause inflammation when body cells attack body tissues.

The amount of sleep that you get, the quality of food that you consume, your level or exercising, and other factors determine the severity of inflammation that you can experience.

What Are the Impacts of Chronic Inflammation?

Inflammation has the ability to cause pain and organ damage to joints, arteries, and other organs.

If you don’t check the inflammation in your body organs, the inflammation may cause chronic conditions such as cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart diseases – just to mention a few.

Inflammation may also cause the buildup of fatty deposits around the lining of the heart’s arteries. The buildup of plaque may in the end rupture and lead to life-threatening clots within the vascular system.

How Do You Measure Inflammation?

Inflammation is measured by conducting a C-reactive protein blood test. The C-reactive protein is a marker for inflammation in the body.

Measures of homocysteine levels are also used to determine the severity of chronic cases of inflammation.

Tests may also be conducted on your red blood cells to determine the damage of red blood cells, which is a common occurrence during tissue inflammation.

What You Should Do to Get Inflammation Relief?

You should follow the six tips cited below to curb your tissue inflammation problems.

1. Eliminate or Reduce Inflammatory Food

Some inflammation problems are caused by the kind of foods and drinks that you consume. The most common inflammatory foods include processed foods, food spices, deep-fried foods, corn oil margarine, and any other foods processed by the use of trans fats. Avoiding such foods can give you some inflammation relief.

2. Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Some foods are essential when it comes to reducing inflammation.

Your food is as good as medicine or supplements that you take. You should thus make proper dietary selections that can help you reduce inflammation in your gut or other body tissues.

Fresh fruits and veggies are perfect for inflammation reduction. You should cut down on spices and refined sugars because they tend to increase inflammation in your body tissues.

Other examples of anti-inflammatory foods include celery, tea, grapes, tofu, olive oil, and blueberries among others.

3. Manage Your Blood Sugar Well

Refined sugars and simple carbohydrates can aggravate inflammation. As such, you should always avoid processed foods or white carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice, and white bread.

You should consume lean protein foods, whole grains, and high fiber content food. Such foods can give you prolonged inflammation relief.

4. Cut Some Weight

Patients who are overweight or obese tend to experience more inflammation and pain than patients whose BMI is within the normal range.

As such, you should reduce your weight to get some inflammation relief.

5. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Regular exercises prevent inflammation. As such, you should perform regular aerobic exercises each day.

6. Avoid Stress to Get Inflammation Relief

High levels of stress and anxiety worsens the levels of inflammation. To reduce or manage such kinds of stress you should use stress management steps and strategies such as guided imagery, meditation, counseling, regular exercise, yoga, and other stress management strategies.


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Inflammation aggravates pain and causes great discomfort when you’re injured or sick. Such pain and discomfort may also occur during or after your regular exercising and normal work-related tasks.

Reducing and preventing inflammation and pain can improve comfort in your life.

You should consider and follow the tips cited in this post to get inflammation relief and live a healthy and pain-free life.

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