Simple Ways to Cope with Summer Sweat

Simple Ways to Cope with Summer Sweat

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, coping with sudden sweat can be a challenge. Whether you get sweaty easily or just want to stop sweat in its tracks, try these essential tips to stay cool when the heat wave comes.

Invest in loose-fitting clothing

This doesn’t mean that you should buy ill-fitting clothing. However, investing in loose styles, like comfortable long sleeves and casual pants will help keep the sun off your skin and hide any unsightly sweat marks.

Prepare for chafing

Anyone and everyone can experience the dreaded pain from chafing. This issue occurs when your skin rubs together or against clothing, causing rashes or bumps between your thighs, under your arms, and any other part of your body. When you sweat, you’re at an increased risk for chafing since your skin sticks together more easily.

Stop chafing by investing in a soothing spray deodorant or wearing the aforementioned loose-fitting clothing. For example, wearing a pair of thin pants will help stop your thighs from rubbing together, unlike a pair of shorts. You can also invest in a topical pain relief cream to soothe any rashes that do pop up during the summer. Just make sure you invest in an all natural pain relief cream so your skin isn’t irritated by chemicals.

Try a natural sleep aid

Summer sweat is also notorious for keeping you up at night, even if you use a personal fan. Luckily, natural sleep supplements can help give your body the final push it needs to fall asleep with ease. Take your supplement with a glass of cool water to help cool off at the same time.

Take care of your feet

Now that the cool days of winter are officially gone, you might notice your feet are starting to stink more than usual. Unfortunately, locking your feet in a pair of shoes all day promotes sweat production that can lead to a number of fungal issues over time. In fact, more than 70% of people will develop athlete’s foot at some point in their lives. Be sure to invest in an antifungal foot cream to prevent a small issue from growing out of hand.

You should also stop wearing the same pair of shoes every day. This gives your shoes a chance to dry, diminishing the harmful effects of sweat that might occur otherwise. Paired with antifungal foot cream, summer sweat won’t promote foot problems this season.

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