Is There a Fungus Among Us? Ease Symptoms with Antifungal Creams

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Is There a Fungus Among Us? Ease Symptoms with Antifungal Creams

Did you know that there are over a million types of fungi known with 300 species that adversely concern humans? Have you ever had a fungal infection? Do you even know exactly what a fungal infection is? Just the word fungal sounds gross. It stands to reason that no one wants to have to be inflicted with this type of infection. Yet, there are times you may have to deal with one. Luckily, there are products available that help to ease and soothe symptoms until an infection can be healed.

What Exactly IS a Fungal Infection?

A fungal infection is a disease that affects the skin that is also called mycosis. The affliction is caused by a fungus. There are actually millions of fungi species that live on plants, in dirt, on your skin, and on household surfaces. So, it is easy to see how infections could start. Do you already have a fungal infection? A fungal infection is usually noticeable due to skin problems such as bumps or rashes. Other symptoms can include irritation, redness, scaly skin, swelling, itching, and blisters. This type of infection can actually happen anywhere on the human body. The most common types are ringworm, jock itch, yeast infections, and athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s Foot Is for More Than Just Athletes

Tinea pedis, otherwise known as athlete’s foot, is a common fungal infection of the feet. There could be many reasons you end up with athlete’s foot. Fungi tend to grow in moist, warm places like socks, shoes, locker rooms, public showers, and swimming pools. This fungus also tends to be found more often in humid, hot climates, and during the summer. How it happens really isn’t a mystery either. If you wear tight shoes, don’t change sweaty socks, or use pools and public baths with bare feet you are more susceptible to athlete’s foot.

Symptoms and Exact Causes of Athlete’s Foot

So how exactly does athlete’s foot fungal grow? The precise fungi responsible for this type of infection lives on dead tissue in toenails, hair, and outer skin layers. There are actually four types of fungi responsible for athlete’s foot with the most common being Trichophyton rubrum. You may experience symptoms that make it clear you are inflicted with this uncomfortable condition. The symptoms include suffering from blisters, cracking, peeling, scaly feet, broken down skin, red skin, or softened, burning, or itching skin. Athlete’s foot isn’t the same for everyone with symptoms varying from person to person.

Get a Good Diagnosis

If you suspect that you have athlete’s foot you can ease it using antifungal foot cream. While this type of cream is not a cure-all, it is very effective in soothing and lessening symptoms. In order to fully treat the illness, you need to make an appointment with a physician. A sample of skin needs to be taken to accurately identify the condition. There are also different types of athlete’s foot that can be identified too.

Treatments Such as Antifungal Foot Cream Help Relieve Athlete’s Foot

Your physician may suggest antifungal medicine to apply to your skin for severe cases or give you medication to be taken by mouth. You can also purchase over-the-counter antifungal foot cream that will help keep your feet comfortable. Above all else, keep your feet dry and clean. If you have reoccurring athlete’s foot you may want to make an effort to prevent getting it over and over again.

You can start by using antifungal foot cream that can be easily purchased online, from the comfort of your home. When you aren’t suffering from athlete’s foot try keeping your skin healthy by using dry skin cream or foot cream for pain if you have sore feet. Foot pain relief products from MagniLife can go a long way in making your feet feel better too. Otherwise, wear shower sandals when using public showers, invest in shoes that allow your feet to adequately breathe, wash with soap and water every day, dry thoroughly, and use antifungal foot cream.

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