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What Is Sciatica and How Can I Relieve My Symptoms?

When you’re coping with chronic pain, your whole life can be defined by your illness. This is especially debilitating when you’re coping with the painful symptoms of sciatica. But what is this health issue? And more importantly, how do I stop sciatica pain from taking over my life? What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a common medical condition which results in chronic pain in your lower back and legs. This nerve issue is caused by compression of the spine or a herniated [...]


How Does Topical Pain Relief Cream Actually Work?

When most people think about methods of pain relief, their minds go straight to generic over-the-counter pills or a potentially pricey prescription from the doctor. The perfect alternative to these options is a simple cream. Discover how topical pain relief products work to alleviate your symptoms and you’ll be on the way to living a more comfortable life. What is a topical pain medication? Topical simply means that the medication is applied to your skin. Often, this type of medication is [...]


Diabetic Nerve Pain: How Patients Can Find Relief

Diabetes is a complicated disease that has many side effects people may not know of unless they have experience with diabetes. One of those side effects is diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage. Those with diabetic neuropathy may experience numbness and tingling or may feel a burning, sharp, or aching pain in their hands and feet. The culprit of this pain is high blood sugar, which damages the nerves that send signals from these extremities. As of the end of 2017, [...]