7 Ways to Combat Lower Back Pain

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7 Ways to Combat Lower Back Pain

Back pain is cause for 264 million lost workdays each year, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

Maybe you bent the wrong way while trying to lift something heavy, or perhaps you’re dealing with mild arthritis. MagniLife creams can help alleviate lower back pain. For tips on how to deal with lower back pain at home, keep reading.


The spine, like the rest of the body, is meant to move. Mild back pain can cause you to want to live a more sedentary lifestyle, but this can do more harm than good. Keep doing daily activities — making the bed, going to work, walking the dog, and getting some physical activity in.

If you feel up to it, try more strenuous activities like running, bicycling, or swimming. Just be careful not to go overboard. It’s okay to go easy on your back if you know you’re prone to lower back pain.

Once lower back pain isn’t a daily problem you have to deal with anymore, you can start exercising the muscles that support your back to prevent future episodes of pain. Strong hip, pelvic, and abdominal muscles give your back more support. However, you should avoid abdominal crunches, as they can put too much strain on your back.


Similarly, your daily physical activities should involve some deliberate stretching exercises. If you work sitting down, you should get up every 20 minutes or so to move around and do some light stretching.

A regular yoga routine can help organize your stretching practice so you never miss a day. Light stretching is a great supplemental activity to using lower back pain relief products from MagniLife.

Lose Weight

Being overweight can put too much pressure on your spine and lower back, causing lower back pain. Using a diet and light exercise plan can help you keep your weight in a healthy range for your height.

Use Ice

If you’re experiencing lower back pain from a mild injury, it’s a really good idea to use ice to cool the injured area. It’s tempting to apply heat instead using an electric heating pad or hot water bottle, because heat causes the muscles to relax, which hides the pain. However, instead of helping you to heal, heat applied right away worsens the inflammatory process of healing. You should use ice for the first 48 hours after an injury, then switch to using heat.

MagniLife lower back pain relief products can help minimize lingering pain after a mild injury.

Manage Your Posture

With our modern, tech-obsessed lifestyles, it’s easy to spend most of our time looking down — whether at our computers at work or our phones throughout the day. This causes people to be in the habit of slumping or slouching, which makes it harder for your back to support your weight.

To combat this, you should do exercises daily to help improve your posture. You should also make your workspace as ergonomic as possible — position your monitor so you don’t have to hunch over to see it, and put your mouse and keyboard in positions that don’t require you to lean forward uncomfortably. If you frequently wear high heels, it would probably help if you started wearing flats or heels less than one inch tall.

Finally, if your work involves lifting heavy objects, remember to never bend at the waist. Instead, bend down and straighten back up using your legs.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can lead to problems with your bone health, such as osteoporosis, which can turn into compression fractures of the spine. People who smoke are more likely to experience lower back pain than those who don’t. As a general health tip, avoid smoking altogether.

Use a Pain Reliever from MagniLife

Non-prescription medicines and pain relief creams are acceptable combatants for sustained, mild lower back pain. MagniLife has a range of options when it comes to lower back pain relief products. Be sure to ask your doctor before trying any new supplements or remedies if you take prescription medications already.

Lower back pain is a problem for many people, but it is often reversible. Put these tips into practice, and use appropriate lower back pain relief products. Soon, your lower back pain may be a thing of the past.

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