4 Spring Skin Irritants to Watch Out For This Year

4 Spring Skin Irritants to Watch Out For This Year

Warmer days have finally arrived and countless people will jump at the chance to enjoy the nice weather. Unfortunately, there are many spring skin irritants that can put your dreams of fun in the sun out of commission.

When you’re ready to head outside, watch out for these skin irritants that will try to keep you indoors.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a type of rash which causes pain and itchiness. When you spend more time outdoors, you’re coming into contact with a number of potential irritants that could cause an adverse reaction in your skin.

Luckily, contact dermatitis is not contagious, since it’s a reaction that occurs in your body. As such, someone else likely won’t experience the same reaction to a stimulus. Most all natural pain relieving creams and topical ointments can help mitigate the worst of your dermatitis symptoms.

Plants, pollens, and other allergens

Many people suffer from hay fever, the most common spring allergy. Sneezing, sniffling, and hives can form when your body overreacts to innocuous triggers, like pollen. The spring is a particularly difficult time for allergy sufferers since this is the time that many plants start to bloom and pollinate.


With warmer weather on the horizon, you may start to sweat more than usual. Unfortunately, excessive sweating paired with sensitive skin can result in a number of fungal infections.

These commonly occur in trapped, moist areas, like your feet. Despite the millions of known fungi present on earth, only 300 species have a chance at adversely affecting you. Even though an antifungal foot cream can prevent this problem from worsening, your best course of action is to stop this problem before it starts. Get moisture-wicking socks and try to wear sandals until you’re used to the warmer weather.


The UV rays emitted by the sun can result in serious skin damage without the proper protection. Between sunburns, heat rashes, and more, you might be tempted to stay inside all day. These issues can result in premature skin aging, dry skin, and more than a little pain. Luckily, age spot creams and dry skin creams can help soothe your skin after a day spent outside. Use them often to get the best results.

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